Push Back Against the World’s Influence

December 14, 2012

This is my first article, so I plan to take a big bite. Are you prepared?

If you peruse my Facebook profile, you will see that I am a Latter-day Saint.

This last weekend we had Stake Conference, which is a gathering of up to ten wards, or church congregations, under a President and two counselors. There is also a General Authority from a Quorum of the Seventy, part of the senior leadership from Salt lake City, who presides over the meetings and gives a talk to those assembled. Us LDS people were advised to ‘stand in holy places’ and not be moved. This General Authority, Robert Chambers, said on Sunday that this position is no longer enough. He advised us to push back against the world’s influence. We must also make sure the world has no influence in our lives.

For many years, adversaries have sought to destroy the traditions and strengths of western culture. As an LDS person, I would go further and say that the source of all these attacks is that chief adversary, Satan. From attacks on the people who support and encourage Christian values, to removing opportunities for reading scripture in schools and in public, and now destructive forces have been unleashed on the family, destruction is ongoing and the rate of attacks is increasing geometrically. How can we possibly fight a tidal wave of filth that threatens to overwhelm us?

In my humble opinion, one of the things we did wrong in this last presidential campaign was that we were not vocal enough in presenting our conservative credentials. Leftists are constantly pushing against the things we conservatives value, and they have been very effective in hijacking the language and media. Have you noticed that a single dissenting voice is enough to negate years of tradition, regardless of community support? For example, there is the town which had a Nativity scene. This scene has been present in the same location for about sixty years, with only one interruption due to road construction. This year, ONE complaint was enough for the town to abandon the tradition and deny permission for the display. Another example is of a school which was putting on the play of ‘A Charlie Brown Christmas’ canceled it after ONE atheist complained about lack of separation of church and state.

Now, I am no stranger to the cultural phenomenon of rejecting what your parents did just because they were so ‘old and out of touch’ with life as a youth knows it. I went through a phase where I refused to stand for the Pledge of Allegiance. I would go outside of the classroom and wait until it was over. One does gain a touch of wisdom with maturity, however, and now I stop my work activities and stand at attention, with my hand over my heart, for the Pledge and the Star Spangled Banner. For those leftists who vehemently refuse to support this country and its traditions, I would advise them to grow up or leave. Yes, I said leave. History has proven that socialism, communism, fascism, whatever sort of totalitarian system the leftists seem enamored of at the moment, does not work! The only reason it does work, temporarily, is because of outside support. How many years did the Soviet Union have a disastrous harvest, followed by a huge purchase of grain from the United States? How many horror stories do we have to hear about the failures in the British and Canadian health care systems before we abandon attempts to impose a broken system on ourselves?

I began life as a liberal and democrat supporter, because my foster parents were. As I grew in knowledge and slowly gained wisdom, I became a Republican. That was also a whistle stop rather than a destination, and eventually I became a Libertarian. My tolerance for anarchy is rather limited so I moved on from them, and now I am a member of the Tea Party and the Constitution Party. I say this because one should grow and adapt with time. Leftists do not seem to grow. They seem stuck in an adolescent narcissism that denies the possibility of being wrong about anything, with an automatic assumption that everyone else is wrong. This is not a healthy attitude to have even if one is right.

To those leftists, and others seeking truth, I would suggest getting an education. As a good place to start, I would suggest studying the Federalist Papers, along with Jonah Goldberg’s Liberal Fascism. Find out the truth about how this country was founded, and how leftists distort representations of everything they do not agree with — and you will be a conservative.


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